Everything You Need To Know About Microblading Explained

August 24, 2018

When you take a look at most images of the top models in the world, you’ll note that they all have very nice, full, dark, eyebrows. Now that you’re focused on them, you’re realizing that those eyebrows are what defines their eyes, nose, and forehead in every photo they publish. While there are a lot of women that have really full eyebrows, there are also a huge percentage that don’t, or have plucked them into extinction. Up unit lately, the only solution for them was to use plenty of eyebrow pencil and spend a lot of time making them look right before leaving home every single morning. Now, there is a process called microblading that seems to do a great job of solving this problem. Here’s what you need to know before you take the leap.

It’s Like A Semi-Permanent Tattoo

The procedure is very similar to a tattoo with a few differences. The first one is that the ink is more of the biodegradable variety and will be absorbed by the body in about 3 years, so they aren’t really permanent.

Plus, the ink is not injected as deep as what a normal body tattoo is either. This makes them more susceptible to sweat and body oils causing early fading since it is so close to the surface of the skin.

The more oily your skin is, the faster the tattoos will fade so keep that in mind as well. A consultation with several different microblading experts and some makeup artists is in order before you get started. The makeup artists need to help you choose the absolute best shape and color for your new brows. Or can let the tattoo artist decide, it’s your choice, and you should seek plenty of opinions.

It’s Going To Take Two Visits And It Does Hurt A Little

On the first visit the artist will do most of the work. There is a precision tool that they use to actually draw tiny lines that will look like hairs in your eyebrows. Some of the tiny lines won’t “take” and will have to be repeated on the followup visit in about 4 weeks. At that time the job should be finished.

At first, the new eyebrows will appear darker and they’ll fade rather quickly in the first two weeks to what they’ll look like for the next year and a half to three years. Anytime that you want to erase the brows and start over, you can use exfoliants or skin care products with a high acid content to speed up the fading. Laser removal for faster results can also be done

As far as the pain of the procedure is concerned, it is nearly painless and they’ll use a numbing cream that will help quite a lot. People describe the feeling to be similar to tiny scratches as the miniature needles enter the skin and inject their dye. The fear is worse than the actual pain.

You Have to Prepare Yourself Beforehand

There are some preparations that have to be done before you get the microblading done. First, don’t tweeze your eyebrows for two weeks prior to having it done, and don’t go sunbathing either. This helps prevent the skin from being overly irritated.

You should also not take any aspirin, ibuprofen, NSAIDS, vitamin E, or fish oil capsules since they can thin the blood and cause bleeding problems. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided for the 48 hours as well. And don’t work out at the gym just before because that promotes sweating and natural body oils to be released which will interfere with the ink as it’s injected.

Choosing The Right Salon

Don’t just automatically go for the cheapest salon that you can find, that should be obvious. But, just because one salon charges more also doesn’t mean they are better. Go online and look at their customer reviews, read as many as you can and be critical in your assessment. The prices can range from a low of $350 all the way up to $1,500 depending on where you live and the particular salon that’s doing the work.

They should also have a license as an esthetician with specialized training the microblading procedure. Everything should be sterile to prevent infections, no exceptions. And in some states they’ll need to have an accreditation with the American Association of Micropigmentation or some other society. Whatever your state requires, make sure they have the plaque on the wall. After that, you should be good to go, and be sure to help others that follow by leaving a detailed review online as well.